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The purpose of this presentation is to assist clinicians in the assessment and treatment of Gambling Use Disorder. Research indicates increased access to gambling typically correlates to an increase in problen gambling. With the recent legalization of casino gambling in the states of Nebraska, clinicians should be prepared for how to identify this often hidden disorder and how it can be treated successfully. This presentation will cover the signs and symptoms of Gambling Use Disorder so clinicians will know what to look for and the questions to ask to detect the presence of a gambling problem. Participants will learn which assessments they can use and how to administer these assessments. Participants will be able to identify the difference between Action and Escape gamblers, while also understanding the other disorders which are often co-occurring with Gambling Use Disorders. Finally, participants will learn about specific interventions they can use to treat Gambling Use Disorder. Pulling from Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, 12-step models and Internal Family Systems, clinicians will be able to identify the interventions which will best assist their clients in arresting their Gambling Use Disorder.

About the presenters:

Janet L. Johnson, MA LIMHP, CDGC, LADC:
Since 2006, Mrs. Johnson has been providing therapy utilizing a unique combination of Cognitive Behavioral and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy with solution focused results. Janet is dually credentialed allowing her to address both mental health and substance use disorders encompassing the wide complexity of hurdles that often manifest in-between. Over the past 16 years, Janet has provided therapy in the form of individual, families, youth, and adults. Janet specializes in helping couples and family members affected by mental health and addition problems. Janet is also certified as a gambling disorder counselor and utilizes her treatment approaches to help youth and adults redefine their unhealthy relationships with gaming, internet, and social media use. Janet is a 2-time Counselor of the Year Award Winner from the Nebraska Counseling Association, winning both in 2019 and in 2022.

Jeremy Eberle, MA, LIMHP, CDGC, LADC:
Jeremy Eberle, of Lincoln Nebraska, is a licensed therapist who has been providing services in the form of individuals, groups, couples, and families since 2010. Mr. Eberle has focused primarily on treatment for substance use disorders as well as gambling disorders. In 2017, Mr. Eberle was the lead researcher in a study connecting prevalence among Nebraska college students and daily fantasy sports. These findings were presented at the National Gambling Conference in Portland, Oregon in July 2017 as well as at other conferences throughout the country. In July of 2019, Mr. Eberle opened Eberle Therapy Services, but later joined services with Mrs. Johnson in 2020 successfully establishing Alternative Avenues in Lincoln Nebraska. His current area of interest is the intersection between Gambling Use Disorder and Gaming Use Disorder, as the two disorders share a great deal of similarity and comorbidity and the impact of gambling/gaming use on both young people and adults.