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Thank you to everyone that attended Hop, SCIP, Jump and RUN Brought to you by Nebraska Mental Health Centers!

Thank you to our 2018 title sponsor, Nebraska Mental Health Centers!
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1-Mile Fun Run
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5K Race Top-Ten Finishers 1-Mile Fun Run Top-Ten Finishers
1. Nicki Hanseling 1. Xavier Perales
2. Austin Elkins 2. Robert Perales
3. Douglas Koebernick 3. Luke Boonstra
4. Brandi Jantzen 4. Xavier Gonzalez
5. Nancy Settles-Baker 5. Juan Gonzalez
6. Kara Lange 6. Mateo Perales
7. Lisa Logsden 7. Connor Weber
8. Betsy Tonniges 8. Harper Wathen-Carriere
9. Jesse Bergman 9. Anna Boonstra
10. Marcia White 10. Hazel Spilker

Thank you to our sponsors!

Finish Line Sponsors

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